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Test Name: Lower Respiratory Culture
Test Code: 180810
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: Lower Respiratory Culture
Specimen Requirements: Sputum (first morning specimen preferred), aspirates, biopsy, tissue, 5-10 mL sputum, 1 g tissue, 10-50 mL lavage fluid, 5 mL bronchial washing
Container: Sterile screw-cap container
Collection Instructions: SPUTUM: The patient should brush his/her teeth and/or rinse mouth well with water before attempting to collect the specimen to reduce the possibility of contaminating the specimen with food particles, oropharyngeal secretions, etc. The patient should be instructed that only a specimen brought forth by deep cough should be expectorated into the container. After the specimen has been collected, the specimen should be examined to make sure it contains a sufficient quantity (at least 1 mL) of thick mucus (not saliva). Only the screw-cap container should be submitted to the laboratory.
Stability: Refrigerate at 2(degrees)C to 8 (degrees)C
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: It is strongly recommended that a Gram-stained smear be performed on all expectorated sputa to determine the acceptibility of a specimen for bacterial culture (see Gram Stain Evaluation with Sputum Culture Reflex [182352]). Sputum specimens should not be
Methodology: Culture