Each healthcare professional determines the appropriate elements in the treatment plan for the patient.

A vital part of this plan is LabPro’s urine toxicology services, which allow healthcare professionals to design an individualized treatment program based on medical necessity.

For further guidance on medical necessity from a local coverage and third party payor perspective, please refer to the 2017 LabPro Annual Physician Notice.  The information within the notice is intended to promote awareness of federal regulations, commercial payor medical policies, and to explain the requirement and importance for ordering providers to furnish appropriate documentation when ordering testing services. If you have questions about the this notice, we encourage you to contact LabPro for more information.

Our Toxicology Program:

  • Provides clinicians with information to determine the likelihood that the patient is taking their medication as prescribed
  • All results reviewed by LabPro’s certifying scientists before being released
  • Provides Toxicology specialists who are available for report consultation
  • Provides experienced representatives to help integrate our program seamlessly into your practice
  • Provides Benchmark Reports and Practice Profiles
  • Online service, reports, and requisitions

How it works?

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