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Test Code: 550713
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: HCV RNA NAA Qualitative
Specimen Requirements: Plasma OR serum, FROZEN, 1.5 mL
Container: Plasma preparation tube (PPT) or screw-cap polypropylene frozen tranport tube
Collection Instructions: Collect specimen in gel-barrier tube, PPT(TM), or lavender- top (EDTA) tube. Centrifuge specimen within 24 hours of collection. Transfer serum or plasma to a polypropylene screw-cap tube and FREEZE. Ship frozen. To avoid delays in turnaround time when requesting multiple tests on frozen samples, PLEASE SUBMIT SEPARATE FROZEN SPECIMENS FOR EACH TEST REQUESTED.
Stability: FREEZE
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: Please submit a separate frozen sample for each frozen test ordered.
Methodology: Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAA)