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Test Name: Urinalysis
Test Code: 1690
Other Names: Routine Urinalysis
Test Includes: Urinalysis
Specimen Requirements: Urine
Container: N/A
Collection Instructions: A voided specimen is usually suitable. If the specimen is likely to be contaminated, a clean-catch, midstream specimen is desirable.
Stability: Refrigerated for 48 hours
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: Quantity not sufficient for analysis; improper labeling; tubes with boric acid or tartaric acid (eg, BD gray-top C&S tube); Boricon, Bortiex, or Boricult yellow-top C&S tubes; specimen not refrigerated or preserved; specimen more than 48 hours old if unpreserved/nonrefrigerated or more than 72 hours old for BD transfer tubes; frozen specimens
Methodology: Reagent Strip