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Test Name: Pap Lb, rfx HPV all pth
Test Code: 192630
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: 0
Specimen Requirements: Cervical cells collected by one of the methods described below., ThinPrep(R) vial or SurePath(TM) vial
Container: ThinPrep(R) vial or SurePath(TM) vial
Collection Instructions: THINPREP(R) VIAL-BROOM ONLY: BROOM-LIKE COLLECTION TECHNIQUE: Obtain a sample from the cervix using a broom-like device by inserting the brush portion into the cervical os and rotate the brush five times. Rinse the collection device in the PreservCyt(R) solution by pushing the brush into the bottom of the vial 10 times, forcing the bristles to bend apart to release the cervical material. As a final step, twirl the brush between the thumb and forefinger vigorously to release additional cellular material. Discard the collection device. Tighten the cap on the ThinPrep(R) vial so that the torque line on the cap passes the torque line on the vial. SUREPATH(TM) VIAL: When using the SurePath(TM) vial, the cervical broom must be used for specimen collection. Insert the broom into the cervical os and rotate five times. Place the broom head in the CytoRich(TM) preservative fluid in the SurePath(TM) collection vial. Tightly cap the vial.
Stability: Maintain liquid-based cytology specimens at room temperature. Pap processing must be performed within 21 days of collection. Specimens in ThinPrep(R) vials must be processed for testing within three months of collection for HPV. SurePath(TM) vial must be
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: Include date of birth, Social Security number (or other identification number), previous malignancy, drug therapy, radiation therapy, last menstrual period (LMP), postmenopausal patient (PMP), surgery (including surgical biopsies), exogenous hormones, abn
Methodology: Liquid-based Pap test; nucleic acid amplification (NAA)