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Test Name: Pap Lb (Liquid-based)
Test Code: 192005
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: Test ordered:
Specimen Requirements: Vial with PreservCyt(R) solution, ThinPrep(R); SurePath(TM), or vial with CytoRich(R) fixative,
Container: N/A
Collection Instructions: When using the ThinPrep(R) method, a gynecologic specimen is collected using a brush and plastic spatula as a cervical sampling system. Insert the brush into the endocervical canal until only the bottom most fibers are exposed. Slowly rotate the brush 1/4 to 1/2 turn in one direction. Do not overrotate the brush. Then, rotate the brush in the PreservCyt(R) solution 10 times while pushing against the wall of the ThinPrep(R) vial. Swirl the brush vigorously to release additional material. Discard the brush. Obtain an adequate sample from the ectocervix using a plastic spatula. Swirl the spatula vigorously in the PreservCyt(R) vial 10 times, and discard the spatula. Tighten the cap on the ThinPrep(R) the cap passes the torque line on the vial. When using the TriPath SurePath(TM) method, the cervix brush (broom) must be used with the brush being inserted into the cervical os, rotated five times with the brush head being placed in the CytoRich(TM) preservative fluid in the TriPath SurePath(TM) collection vial. Also, the cervix brush and Wallach brush may be used in obtaining a ThinPrep(R) specimen, but the brush is rinsed vigorously in the vial and discarded, the brush head is not placed in the ThinPrep(R) PreservCyt(R) vial. Record the patient's name and ID number on the vial, and place it and the request form in a specimen bag for transport to the laboratory.
Stability: Maintain specimen at room temperature. Specimens must be processed for testing within 21 days of collection.
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: Include date of birth, Social Security number (or other identification number), previous malignancy, drug therapy, radiation therapy, last menstrual period (LMP), postmenopausal patient (PMP), surgery (including surgical biopsies), exogenous hormones, abn
Methodology: ThinPrep(R) Pap test system; TriPath SurePath(TM) Pap test