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Test Name: Ova + Parasite Exam
Test Code: 008623
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: Ova + Parasite Exam
Specimen Requirements: Sputum or feces, 3-4 mL sputum or 5 mL feces
Container: O & P transport containers with formalin and PVA (Para-Pak (R) pink and gray)
Collection Instructions: SPUTUM: If paragonimiasis or echinococcosis is suspected, submit specimen in 10% formalin. FECES: Submit in a parasite preservative kit. Please inoculate both the PVA and the formalin tubes. Fresh feces should not be submitted. State the preliminary diagnosis. OTHER: Contact the laboratory for specific instructions. ALL: Multiple specimens may be necessary to recover ova or trophozoites. Three specimens are recommended (each is charged). Fecal specimens for parasitic examination should be collected before initiation of antidiarrheal therapy or antiparasitic therapy. The highest yield on hospitalized patients occurs when diarrhea is present on admission or within 72 hours of admission. The onset of diarrhea more than 72 hours after admission is usually caused by Clostridium difficile toxin rather than parasites or the usual stool pathogens. The following recommendations are made for efficient and cost-effective diagnosis of diarrheal disease in patients admitted with gastroenteritis. * Submit one or two specimens per diarrheal illness immediately. Consider requesting the EIA for Giardia (see tests Giardia lamblia, Direct Detection EIA [182204] or Giardia lamblia, EIA and Ova and Parasites Examination [188110]) if that is the primary suspected organism. * If those are negative, submit an additional specimen after 5 days. * Patients who are immunocompromised by AIDS, malignancy, or immunosuppressive therapy may require additional testing for unusual stool pathogens (eg, Cyclospora Smear, Stool [183145].
Stability: Maintain specimen at room temperature.
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: Include any pertinent clinical and travel history on the test request form, which must indicate special request for Cyclospora Smear, Stool [183145] -at an additional charge. If Schistosoma haematobium infection is suspected, submit a urine specimen for O
Methodology: Formalin concentrate and trichome stain