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Test Name: NMR LipoProfile©
Test Code: 884247
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: Historical reporting (LDL-P, LDL-C); insulin-resistance score; lipoprotein particle number (LDL-P); particle concentration and size (total HDL-P, small LDL-P, LDL size); standard lipid panel (total cholesterol, calculated LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides), 0
Specimen Requirements: Spun NMR LipoTube (preferred), serum from a plain red-top tube, or plasma from a lavender-top (EDTA) tube. Ship with frozen cool packs., 2 mL
Container: NMR LipoTube (black-and-yellow-top tube), plain red-top tube, or lavender-top (EDTA) tube
Collection Instructions: Collect specimen in NMR LipoTube (black-and-yellow-top tube), which is the preferred specimen, or plain red-top tube. Gently invert tube to mix contents and allow specimen to clot for 30 minutes before centrifugation. Centrifuge specimen immediately after clotting to separate serum from the red cells. If the sample cannot be centrifuged immediately, it must be refrigerated at (2 degrees C to 8 degrees C) and centrifuged within 24 hours of collection. Do NOT open NMR LipoTube. Serum or plasma drawn in gel-barrier collection tubes other than the NMR LipoTube should NOT be used. Pipette separated serum from plain red-top tube to a plastic transport tube. Separate plasma from lavender-top (EDTA) tube immediately after the collection and transfer to a plastic transport tube for shipment to the laboratory. Ship with frozen cool packs.
Stability: Refrigerate: NMR LipoTube (black-and-yellow-top tube), serum transport tube, or plasma transport tube. Do NOT freeze sample. Refrigerate as soon as possible and do NOT store at room temperature. Stable refrigerated for six days.
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: N/A
Methodology: Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)