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Test Name: Influenza A+B Ag, EIA
Test Code: 186064
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: Influenza A Ag, EIA, Influenza B Ag, EIA
Specimen Requirements: Nasopharyngeal swab in viral transport medium or nasopharyngeal wash or aspirate, 2-3 mL nasopharyngeal wash, 0.5 mL nasopharyngeal aspirate dispersed in at least 2-3 mL transport medium or saline, or swab
Container: Viral, Chlamydia, or Mycoplasma culture transport provided by LabCorp, or other appropriate transport medium; sterile leakproof container.
Collection Instructions: N/A
Stability: Refrigerate
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: Submit one specimen per test requested. Specify the exact specimen source/origin (eg, nasopharynx). Indicate a specific TEST NUMBER on the request form. Check expiration date of transport; do NOT use expired devices.
Methodology: Direct immunoassay