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Test Name: Anaerobic/Aerobic/Gram Stain
Test Code: 183111
Other Names: N/A
Test Includes: Anaerobic Culture
Specimen Requirements: Pus, tissue, or other material properly obtained from an abscess, biopsy, aspirate, drainage, exudate, lesion, or wound. To ensure proper growth of organisms place swabs/specimen in anaerobic transporter. Do NOT refrigerate., Swab(s) in aerobic/anaerobic swab transport or 0.5 mL pus, other fluid, or tissue from aspirated site in anaerobic transporter and one thin smear
Container: Aerobic/anaerobic bacterial swab transport containing gel medium or anaerobic transporter; one prepared smear in slide carrier
Collection Instructions: Some anaerobes will be killed by contact with molecular oxygen for only a few seconds. Overlying and adjacent areas must be carefully disinfected to eliminate contamination with indigenous flora. Ideally, pus or other fluid obtained by needle aspiration through intact skin or mucosal surface which has been cleaned with antiseptic should be collected. Sampling of open lesions is enhanced by deep aspiration using a sterile plastic catheter. Curettings of base of an open lesion are optimal. If irrigation is necessary, nonbacteriostatic sterile normal saline may be used. Lower respiratory samples must be obtained by transtracheal percutaneous needle aspiration, transbronchial biopsy, transthoracic needle biopsy, or open lung biopsy by physicians trained in these procedures. If swabs must be used, collect two, use one for Gram stain and one for culture. Anaerobic transports must be used for swabs and for aspirates. Specimens are to be collected from a prepared site using sterile technique. Contamination with normal flora from skin, rectum, vaginal tract, or other body surfaces must be avoided.
Stability: Specimens for anaerobic culture should be maintained at room temperature. Under these conditions, aerobes and anaerobes will survive 24-72 hours when properly collected in the anaerobic transport tube.
Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions: Request form MUST state specific site of specimen, age of patient, current antibiotic therapy, clinical diagnosis, and time of collection. If an unusual organism is suspected, such as Actinomyces, this information must be specifically noted on the request
Methodology: Anaerobic and aerobic culture and Gram stain smear